Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dad!

My Dad is a very intelligent man. Okay enough of that he'll get a fat head! LOL! But a big dingbat at times. A few weeks ago he was taking my stepmom to get her blood drawn for some tests and he drove around for 2 hours and couldn't find the place. So what does he do, drives all the way back home, calls me and tells me to look up the directions on line and email them to him. Okay I can do that. And in the next breath he says, "How do I get my email up? I haven't had any email in 3 days!" So Why am I going to send him an email??? Too funny.
Last week they got a new phone and I went out and programmed it for them on Sunday, (they love getting new electronic gadgets, because it keeps me busy) Monday he calls me and says, I don't think this new phone rings, call me back. Okay done... Yes it does ring, yes it does work. Tuesday morning Dad calls again, "I don't think this new phone is working and Jinny's phone by her chair just has a humming noise. Well the phone by Jinny's chair won't work because you unplugged the main phone from the phone jack that sends the signal to Jinny's cordless phone, and dad says "I can't hear you, talk to Jinny!" Gotta love my dad! He's just too funny! Well moral to the story...Ah heck I don't have one! Enjoy your day everyone!

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