Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a procrastinator!!!

Yes, it's sad to hear me say that, especially when I say it to my self! I pay all my bills online, except the water bill. They don't do online billing! So once a month they make me get up off this chair, go get in the car and drop off my bill in their night drop box. :-(( Anyway, I have been putting it off and they came around with the orange notices today and stuck it on the fence. My little dog Duggy went and got it off the fence for me. Well to say the least, yes he did shred it.... A few minutes later he scratched on the door wanting in, so I opened the door for him and he starts walking in, then stopped went back to the bill and picked up just one piece of it and dropped it at my feet. There mom I killed it for you, and he sat there looking up at me  Just like a cat would when it brings that dreaded mouse and drops it at your feet and as you're sitting there screaming the mouse scurries off! Well just my luck the bill didn't scurrie off. Darn! But at least he brought me the most important part! Have a great day everyone!

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