Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Have A Gopher!

I have a gopher that has been terrorizing my back yard! 

He started months ago in the grass.

Then he moved to this planter by the cactus.
 Next he moved to the planter right outside the den.
 Which is this one.
 This morning he showed up in this planter

Which is this one.
 None of these planters are connected to each other.

I was showing Jarrod and I had made the comment, "Wonder where he will show up next?" Jokingly, Jarrod pointed to my houseplant and said, "Maybe there."

Which reminded me of my Uncle Willard's old house. 
I babysat, did some housecleaning, and laundry for my Uncle Willard years ago. (No I'm not saying how many years ago, but it was years ago!)

And I went into his bedroom to put away some clothes and there was this mound of dirt against one wall! It was about 10 inches high and came out a good foot or more from the wall. So I asked him, "What's with the mound of dirt in your bedroom?" And what did he tell me, "I have a gopher." 
How the gopher came up in the bedroom, I have no idea, but it was the strangest thing ever.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 90th Birthday Jinny!

Sunday July 7th. 2013 was my stepmom's 90th birthday! So we had a party and a family get together.

We got off to a rocky start with my dad who was walking around complaining, yelling and stressing, but that's just dad. He was fine after I told him to go sit down and visit with everyone and that this was for Jinny not him. So he gave me a dirty look and...Well from the video you can see he had a really good time!
I am glad that it is over though. What with all the planning and prepping nothing turns out perfect anyway, but it was good to get together, see family and friends that we haven't seen in awhile, good food, laughs, and video (Skype) with Jinny's daughter, Val and her husband, Armand, who live in OR and couldn't make it down for the party.

Happy Birthday Jinny! We hope you enjoyed it and we wish you many happy years to come!

And for anyone that wants to know...
Here is the recipe for the ice cream

2 cups whipping cream (not cool whip or any pre made stuff)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tbs vanilla or flavoring of your choice


Mix whipping cream until stiff peaks form
fold in flavoring and sw. cond. milk
And freeze!

I made banana, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream for the party, so if you want banana ice cream mash 2 ripe bananas and add along with the other ingredients to the whipped cream.

I used about a cup of fresh strawberries (mashed), for the strawberry ice cream, but next time I think I will use frozen strawberries.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Carnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan, Chippendales?

Wow! I can't believe I have 6 followers here :-) I'm not sure what they are following, because I hardly ever post any updates, but I thank each and every one of you and I will try to post a little more regular from now on.

First the disclaimer. I am NOT a dietician/dietitian Whatever... a nutritionist, a nurse, a doctor, or a heath care provider of any sort.
I am a person with my own personal points of view and a mom of a childhood cancer survivor.

I have been seeing different blogs, posts, and comments all over the internet this past week about different eating lifestyles and I thought let's talk turkey (No pun intended...Well maybe a little one) since Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Oh and thinking of turkeys, Chippendales tweeted my name on twitter the other day, now you are going to ask, What does that have to do with Turkeys? That's what I was thinking. No actually I was thinking Why were they tweeting me, I don't even follow them on twitter, so I tweeted them and then they tweeted me back and here's what they said  The Chippendales 
 LOL You were probably talking about turkeys. Either way, thats for passing along the info!
 The Chippendales 
 Sure ARE!  says 20% more this year. We're giving away a turkey if you'd like to enter our contest:
Anyway they are having a turkey give away and you can click on the link to enter or if you want to just check out some really sexy guys click on their other link here

Okay back to what I was going to say.....
Oh heck check back tomorrow, because I know that half of you have already clicked on the above link and won't read a word of what I say! LOL! Have a great day everyone.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We are our own worst enemies!

Recently in the news Postal workers nationwide are being told they might be laid off. Many Postal Facilities will be closing and mail delivery will no longer be done on Saturdays. I've heard that there could be up to 35,000 layoffs. (Don't quote me though) That's means thousands more in the unemployment lines across the US.
 Hello! This is our fault! What with internet and Facebook and emails we no longer sit down and write a letter or send a card. We pay 90% of our bills online. We do our banking online.

We expect higher wages and yet we want to shop at Walmart and the 99 cent stores. We don't want to pay higher prices and we purchase items that are made in China! Many manufacturers are moving to other countries so they don't have to pay higher wages and taxes.

Somewhere, somehow we need to take a stand!

First step is to read the labels and find out where your merchandise is made. If it isn't made in America don't buy it. I know this is hard to do, but at least try and Second....Send a card to a friend a family member just to say Hi.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Topic today..Love your body

Happy Hump day! It is right? Being at home all the time and following Australia time along with my own, I lose my days!

I was watching Dr. Oz a couple of weeks ago and he was doing a program on butt drop.
Okay I know, terrible subject right? But he was saying to use these underwear with butt pads
to give you more curves and a nicer derriere. My take on this is we pad out butts and our bras,
yes it does help to give your body more definition, but if you are trying to attract a guy,
when you take off your clothes for the first time in front of him, isn't he going to wonder,
"What happened to your body?"
Learn to love your body with all it's flaws first, then if you aren't happy with it's shape and size
do something about it! And by that I mean, if you need to lose weight don't go on one
of those fad diets, just start eating healthier and cut back on portion size.
You don't have to starve yourself or deprive yourself. Fad diets don't work in the long run and
they are not healthy. You didn't get this way overnight, so you can't change it overnight!
As they say,  "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

A little exercise every day goes a long way. Did you know that by building muscle, you speed up your metabolism, which in turn burns more fat? And the added benefits are more energy and better health.
So get moving. You don't have to be a body builder, but using weights can give you more definition, a toned body and burn more fat. A word of caution though...Your body's bone structure is you, If you are short you're going to stay short, if you are tall, yes you'll stay tall, And if you have big feet and a pear shape like I have, well.... So stand up straight and be proud of yourself. You are AWESOME!

Have a beautiful and healthy day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dad!

My Dad is a very intelligent man. Okay enough of that he'll get a fat head! LOL! But a big dingbat at times. A few weeks ago he was taking my stepmom to get her blood drawn for some tests and he drove around for 2 hours and couldn't find the place. So what does he do, drives all the way back home, calls me and tells me to look up the directions on line and email them to him. Okay I can do that. And in the next breath he says, "How do I get my email up? I haven't had any email in 3 days!" So Why am I going to send him an email??? Too funny.
Last week they got a new phone and I went out and programmed it for them on Sunday, (they love getting new electronic gadgets, because it keeps me busy) Monday he calls me and says, I don't think this new phone rings, call me back. Okay done... Yes it does ring, yes it does work. Tuesday morning Dad calls again, "I don't think this new phone is working and Jinny's phone by her chair just has a humming noise. Well the phone by Jinny's chair won't work because you unplugged the main phone from the phone jack that sends the signal to Jinny's cordless phone, and dad says "I can't hear you, talk to Jinny!" Gotta love my dad! He's just too funny! Well moral to the story...Ah heck I don't have one! Enjoy your day everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a procrastinator!!!

Yes, it's sad to hear me say that, especially when I say it to my self! I pay all my bills online, except the water bill. They don't do online billing! So once a month they make me get up off this chair, go get in the car and drop off my bill in their night drop box. :-(( Anyway, I have been putting it off and they came around with the orange notices today and stuck it on the fence. My little dog Duggy went and got it off the fence for me. Well to say the least, yes he did shred it.... A few minutes later he scratched on the door wanting in, so I opened the door for him and he starts walking in, then stopped went back to the bill and picked up just one piece of it and dropped it at my feet. There mom I killed it for you, and he sat there looking up at me  Just like a cat would when it brings that dreaded mouse and drops it at your feet and as you're sitting there screaming the mouse scurries off! Well just my luck the bill didn't scurrie off. Darn! But at least he brought me the most important part! Have a great day everyone!