Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Have A Gopher!

I have a gopher that has been terrorizing my back yard! 

He started months ago in the grass.

Then he moved to this planter by the cactus.
 Next he moved to the planter right outside the den.
 Which is this one.
 This morning he showed up in this planter

Which is this one.
 None of these planters are connected to each other.

I was showing Jarrod and I had made the comment, "Wonder where he will show up next?" Jokingly, Jarrod pointed to my houseplant and said, "Maybe there."

Which reminded me of my Uncle Willard's old house. 
I babysat, did some housecleaning, and laundry for my Uncle Willard years ago. (No I'm not saying how many years ago, but it was years ago!)

And I went into his bedroom to put away some clothes and there was this mound of dirt against one wall! It was about 10 inches high and came out a good foot or more from the wall. So I asked him, "What's with the mound of dirt in your bedroom?" And what did he tell me, "I have a gopher." 
How the gopher came up in the bedroom, I have no idea, but it was the strangest thing ever.


Wildduck said...

Looks more like you have a mole! Gophers leave a hole that you can see into. Moles leave mounds. We have them. They undermine my plants both flower beds and garden so the roots can't get water or nutrients. They are nearly impossible to get rid of despite claims of poisons, vibrator and noise contraptions. There are two ways to get rid of moles. One is a cat but they have to be a special kind of cat that only goes after moles (not your birds) and they have to be very clever and quick at night time to catch a mole. The other way is to shoot a mole. You need a husband with a good eye and excellent shot to see the movement of the mole while digging and a 20 gauge shotgun (don't recommend a 12 gauge because it makes to big a hole in your lawn or flower beds)and use that shotgun to shoot into the moving dirt. Always dig it up to make sure it is dead then rebury in same spot and pack down the earth. This leaves a message to future moles for at least a few months maybe as long as 6 months. Problem is that some mole reproduce faster then you can shoot them or a cat can kill catch and kill them so you have too many moles digging everywhere in your flower beds and garden and you can't shoot them if they are under your prize flowers or Green beans. :) Good luck!

kkrafts said...

Haha! My dog Duggy caught one a few weeks ago and brought it into the house. He couldn't understand why we were all yelling at him! LOL I don't do the poison just for that reason.