Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Government Bailouts

I am tired of hearing about bailouts. Bailout the banks, the auto industry, the credit card companies, and now Larry Flint wanting $5 billion to bail out the porn industry? Give me a break, the government needs to put the money where it will do the most good, and that is to bail out the people. Do you think people want to lose their homes? Have their cars repossessed? Have collection agencies calling night and day? No. By giving $50,000 to single taxpayers, and $100,000 to married ones, our economy would recover. The people would pay their bills and the financial institutions would get their money. This in turn would stimulate our economy. People would be able to buy clothes and shoes for their children. They'd be able to fill their gas tanks and even enjoy a dinner and movie out. The government's $300 stimulus checks aren't enough. All they do is get a weeks worth of groceries and hopefully keep the electric on for another month.
What happened to "By the People, For the People?" Our government, big businesses, and lobbyists wouldn't be where they are, if not for the people.
Stand up and let your voices be heard. Write to your senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, and even our new president. We need to say "Enough is Enough"

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